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    USA Citizenship for Children

    Citizenship transferal from a US citizen to their offspring

    There are several popular options for citizenship transferal from a US citizen to their offspring.

    First option – natural born citizens.

    Eligible if the parent has resided in the US for at least five years, aged 14 or older for at least two of them.

    The parent must prove residence in the US, for the sake of their child’s citizenship.

    If compliant, transferal of citizenship will take place in the US consulate in Jerusalem, or the US embassy in Tel-Aviv.

    Obligation of proof is more lax when both parents are US citizens.

    Second option – American citizenship for children according to the “grandfather clause”.

    An amendment to the Child Citizenship Act of 2000, which dictates the conditions for transfer of citizenship from parent to child, in case the family resides outside the US.

    According to the grandfather clause, the request and granting process is performed in the US,

    rather than in Israel, as is the case for natural-born citizenship.

    Keep in mind, this option is valid for children aged 18 and under, whereas natural-born citizenship bears no age limit.

    Third option – immigration visa.

    It is a less common method and requires immigration to the US.

    What is the change presented under the grandfather clause?

    Prior to the amendment, children of US citizens residing outside the US could only obtain citizenship with their parents’ proof, or a request by their grandparent, which required the grandparent’s presence.

    The 2001 amendment allows the child to “use” their grandparent’s years in the US in order to be eligible for citizenship without requiring physical presence.

    So who can claim US citizenship under the grandfather clause? All following conditions must be met:

    • Aged 18 or under;
    • At least one parent is a US citizen;
    • The parent did not reside in the US for five years, aged 14 or older for at least two of them, or cannot prove it;
    • The grandparent is a US citizen, has resided in the US for at least five years, aged 14 or older for at least two of them, and has documented proof.

    We urge US citizens interested in obtaining their child an American citizenship to realize your right and provide your family with another citizenship.

    Aharon Burkis, our expert on US citizenship, will gladly advise you on citizenship for children.

    Please read more at, or by phone: 050-447-7028, at affordable prices and exceptional service!

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